Anthony's artificer from the East


an Easterner with distant eyes, no hair, a cropped goatee, lanky body, and dirty, coppery skin

walks around with…

  • a cryogenic beam cannon (?) – near, elemental (ice), 1 weight
  • an alchemical propulsion belt (?) – alternate movement (hover), 1 weight
  • Steam propulsion glove (?) – hand, forceful, 1 weight

Comes from noble house in the Eastern lands. Well educated in his youth, but started fucking around with nature and trying out mad experiments. His status protected him from any real consequences, but the locals (and his family) were more than happy to get rid of for a while.

In old, forgotten libraries back home, he read about the works and wonders of the ancient civilizations of the South, now burried beneath the deep forests. In particular, he’d read of the Secret Crypts of Titch. Titch was a “king” (?) (or maybe “line of kings”?) from Golden Age of the Old Civilization.

He took a ship to the South and spent some time fumbling about. He came across Hawke and Krikor in some town (Content Not Found: esterhaven_?) and “hired” them to be his guides, guardians, and assistants. He’s also the one who hired _Content Not Found: billshi, their porter.

Recently learned that his cousin Content Not Found: flora arrived in the South. She’s never respected Guyver, steals his work, etc. Clearly she’s here to sabotage him and/or make him look bad (worse).

  • Hawke is my personal assistant.
  • I have shown Hawke the secrets of my inventions.
  • Krikor called me mad. Mad! I’ll show him!
  • Krikor (or rather his pigeon) helped me with one of my projects, so I guess I owe him.


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