Jonathan's ex-gladiator fighter with a big axe


a Westerner with eager eyes, shorn hair, scarred skin, and a ravaged body

wears scale armor made of scorpion plates


Hawke was born in the Western mainland, but kidnapped as a youth by scorpion-worshipping slavers raiding from the Scorpion Isles off the coast. Grew up in their slave pits and gained renown as a pit-fighter.

Won his freedom as a pit-fighter and (foolishly) swam for the mainland. Passed out and floated for who knows how long. Picked up by a merchant ship heading south. Suffered a series of misadventures and eventually ended up in cahoots with Content Not Found: krikor_. They recently started travelling with _Content Not Found: guyver.

  • Content Not Found: krikor owes me his life, whether he admits it or not.
  • I have sworn to protect Content Not Found: krikor.
  • I worry about the ability of Content Not Found: guyver to survive in the dungeon.
  • Content Not Found: guyver is soft, but I will make him hard like me.


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